Meet The Team

The HDH team have collaborated in a diverse range of communitarian services, inside of the USA and overseas. The conversations with their daughters about “appreciation, sharing and kindness” have been the inspiration to create this project of bringing help and hope to many families that suffer the lack of essential resources to live.
Our Hands Delivering Hope Team located in Honduras performs an outstanding job in preparing everything for “The Delivering of Hope” events.
The preparations consist of contacting, collecting, planning and bringing new ideas to the table, we want to say Thank You to this group of people who are donating their time and energy to help Hands Delivering Hope’s effort!

If you have the urge to help people, ideas you want to put to work and a passionate desire to bring hope to people in need, this is the moment! Join us and make a difference in your community! You can contact us through our Facebook page or using the Contact Us page.

Visit our 2018 Volunteer Recruitment and Training Event page.