What We Do

The Origin Of Our Hope

Years ago, the wish of taking a step and present a proposal of change but these were only ideas and desires.
How? When? Where? How do we Start?
Improbability always keeps big ideas in the dark and veiled in our minds.
It was not clear until our five-year-old daughter surprised us with an idea. While we were comfortably eating dinner in our family table and having a conversation about kindness, poverty, sharing and the appreciation for the meals and clothes we have; with her innocent voice she suggested “why don’t you ask God for money, so you can buy food and clothes for all the poor people you always talk about?”
-How many of you have had this talk with your children? That other children around the world suffer due to the lack of necessities. The many instances when we feel lucky to be able to buy the clothes we can put on? Or how sorry we feel for all the people that don’t have a roof over their heads?-

A feeling of admiration and shock for our daughter kept us from answering her suggestions.
That was the call we needed, to wake up and step out of our comfort zone and serve.
We can’t just dialog about kindness and sharing with our daughter so we decided to show her how we, as a family can help.
The next morning, the calling became stronger and brighter and with the raising of the sun also came an idea and a place we would aim our efforts.

Hands Delivering Hope Inc.501(c)(3)

A non-profit organization without political or religious ties, family orientated, for everyone, with open-hands to the hungry and needy; to create an environment where everyone’s children can learn the art of giving.
One family at the time is better than sitting back in our homes while allowing less fortunate kids eat once a day (or even less than that), while parents suffer the struggle that is to feed and dress their family.
We don’t want more kids without future, forced to leave school because they need to go to work on the field to be able to eat. We want kids with goals, proper challenges for their young lives, education, values and especially to be filled with dreams and hope for a better tomorrow! We have many plans directed to enhance those areas as our future endeavors.
Would you like to be part of The Hands that deliver hope?
The job is enormous, but step by step and together we can make a difference!
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Hands Delivering Hope Inc. is committed to sharing hope with families of lower or no income in rural villages of extreme poverty in Honduras. We bring the message of kindness to many people to unify in national and international resources donated and arrange the purchase of food, organization of events and delivering of donations to those families.

Our mission has also extended to the Military communities where we reside in, while we move among the many military installations.


Hands Delivering Hope Inc. will work towards creating a bigger network of volunteers and increase the national and international assets and donations to reach a significant quantity of families in need and hazardous conditions. We aim to bring hope and better access to resources for those folks and further improve their lifestyle.

In our local effort, we will continue to create awareness of programs that can assist our military community, through programs such as the Military care packages for the troops. We will also connect with other Non-profits that have the same goal at heart.