The Big Delivery 2016!

Our most expected event!
After spending days organizing all the help collected, we were in our way to deliver it.
It took about 3 hours to get to the village, up in the mountain in La Cuenca of Cangrejal River from the nearby city of La Ceiba. The road was difficult to drive on; it took severe maneuvering skills; the weather was an added challenge. It took five pickups trucks to fit the donations and a fantastic crew that was willing to share their time and efforts. The contributions consisted of clothing, shoes, toys, and food. The volunteer determination overcame the heavy rain and muddy roads.

We met our goal of reaching all the five villages. The team was concerned because the weather and road conditions did not favor the trip. But with faith, hope, and the support of the volunteers we moved forward with Big Delivery. We visited the Villages Rio Viejo, El Pital, Las Mangas, Toncontin and Yaruca. These villages are hard to reach due to the dirt road, limited access, and hilly location. The towns of Toncontin and Yaruca are the two with the most need, so we primarily focused our efforts there.

Thirty-seven families were able to receive food provision based on their needs. The food provision included: rice, beans, flour, corn flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, pasta, tomato sauce, cooking oil, coffee, matches, and candles. More than 300 people were benefited and received clothes, shoes, and toys.
The Big Delivery event exceeded our goal. Special thanks to all the people that share their time, donated clothing and money. Thank you for believing in the Hands Delivering Hope Mission of multiplying the efforts to reach out to more people.
See the images below to experience the Big Delivery event.